Monday, January 20, 2014

Passing Weekends

 A thick frost covers the trees.

As another weekend winds down I take advantage of the quite morning to catch up on everything I had wanted to accomplish.  Although the past few days have been quiet I feel they have been quite productive.  I'm a homebody and I prefer to spend my days off around the house, baking away in the kitchen or hiking the many trails around the neighbourhood. 
This weekend we received a pleasant visit from my aunt and uncle who happened to be passing by on their way home from a ski trip.  It has been a good 6 months since I've seen any of my family so it was a nice chance to catch up.   After spending the morning enjoying tea and baking we hiked up to the view point over looking our lake.  The sun was out and the hoarfrost so thick that everything seemed to sparkle.  Aunty C and Uncle G generously lent us their snowshoes to try out next weekend and I honestly cannot wait to get on them.
The best way to travel.
A view well worth the hike.  

I have been busy in the kitchen all weekend baking a cooking up a storm.  I tried my hand at baked kale chipped coated in a zesty 'cheese' sauce.   The chips turned out surprisingly crisp but I think next time I would stick with a plain oil and  salt coating, letting the flavour of the kale shine through.  I Also had a big craving for sushi so I spent the better part of Sunday preparing a Japanese style dinner.   In the big city, A. and I would to eat sushi a lot.  We had four sushi restaurants within a stone's throw from our condo and you could fill your stomach for a song and a dance.  Lazy Saturdays were often spent browsing the local thrift store then walking up the hill for an early sushi lunch.  I sometimes feel a small nostalgia for our urban lifestyle. 

Lovely kale leaves washed and ready to become chips.

Since we now live a good 45 minutes away from the closest Japanese restaurant I tend to make my own sushi often.  The process is actually quite easy although it can be rather time consuming.  I like to round out my rolls with a large pot of miso soup and good sized bowl of sunomono salad.  Since we make it so often I try to keep all of the ingredients on hand.  I may be a little too prepared - upon searching my pantry I found 3 bottles of rice wine vinegar and 3 packets of nori sheets.  Oops.
My first time preparing shitakes. 
Their shape seems to lend themselves to potions and magic.

Ingredients for sushi dinner.
Like sushi rice, I tend to buy most pantry staples in bulk.

The rest of the weekend has been spent catching up on some reading and finishing up a crochet project.   I have been making a great effort to work with my yarns more often and my next planned project is a pair of baby slippers.  I picked up a leather punch at the local tool shop the other day and I plan to attach suede soles to the slippers.   As for now, I plan to top up my continuous batch of kombucha and then get ready for the work day.    What meals do you most like to prepare in the kitchen?

Completed cozy for my telescopic lens.


  1. My sentiments exactly, Meggs. Lovely hoar frost. XO, V.