Saturday, January 11, 2014

The weather can close the world within it's hand.

Can you spot the cave of the selenite crystals to the bottom left? 

Here in the west we have not been experiencing winter with the same severity as the other provinces.  Still though, the blanketed landscape and blowing snowdrifts have me cozied up inside enjoying the warmth of the woodstove.  Maybe it's my European background, but this time of year I tend to crave hearty soups and stews.  Last night's snow fall had me rushing home from town early to prepare a large pot of my Grandmother's Hungarian Pea Soup.  It is quick meal, coming together with sautéed vegetable and egg noodles then finished off with a very generous amount of sweet paprika.  It reminds me of being a young child, sitting in my Grandmother's yellow kitchen enjoying the rust coloured soup from her old country rose china bowls.



Today's weather is quite mild.  The sun is out and warm but the strong wind seems to find a way through the layers of my clothing. The trees are shedding snow and the sounds of it hitting the tin roof carries through the house.  I bundled the pup up and we both headed out for a walk behind our old home.  Although the area is close by, I haven't ventured out that way in some time.  The fields are covered in snow and the once busy ponds are now frozen and still.  Even without the abundance of herb and wildlife I cant help but feel like I live in the most gorgeous place in the world.  
On my way home I was reflecting on the beauty of the land but also little disappointed that I hadn't found any wildlife.  In the summertime, I always seemed to be trailing beautiful birds or sneaking up to a couple of deer hiding in the bush.   Once while walking the same route I came upon a large turtle sunning itself on the path.

Best to stick to the roads.

This livestock dog always comes over for a friendly greeting.

When I heard the jays calling overhead I instinctually took out my camera to capture some shots.  While trying to focus in on one of the jays I started thinking about the beautiful sapsucker that teased me on our deck the other day.   He had perched under the awnings for a bit and then landed on the railing, wings outstretched, leaving his delicate feathery imprint in the snow.  Then, as if by magic, he was right there in the middle of my shot.  He stayed for a brief moment and then flew off into the trees.  It all happened so fast I didn't have time to focus my camera, unable to capture a decent picture.   I can't help but compare the two encounters, both happing so quickly and then leaving me with faintest  proof that he was even there at all.  The universe works in amazing ways and I intend to look into animal totems this evening. 

Back home all ready to warm up.
Which animals have been revealing themselves to you lately?


  1. Such great pictures, Riss! XO


  2. We recently sighted an owl on our last dog walk of the evening. We were strolling along, enjoying the starlight when I suddenly had an urge to turn the corner. There, perched on the wire, Matthew pointed out a huge, beautiful owl. He sat there, calm & unfettered, gazing down at us. He didn't flinch as I spoke to him. He knew I was feeling & sending him Love. This visit of serendipity felt like a good omen of ushering in the New Year for us, as it happened on Jan. 2nd.
    I clearly remember your Grandmother's kitchen and the steaming pots of soups & stews simmering on her stove. I loved her poppy seed rolls and have never to date tasted any baking quite so delicious! What a sweet woman your Grandmother is. Though I could not communicate with her through language, I always felt I knew her by her warm essence.
    Don't know why you would miss any wildlife, when you obviously have the great company of a little low-to-the-ground wolf (in sheep's clothing) in a burgundy camouflage coat. Plus, the visits from the White Wolf. Beauties, both of them.
    Hope you find much *Joy* in the New Year and happy new experiences in your new home.