Monday, January 27, 2014

Thoughts on foods

Its no secret that I have been obsessed with honey bees lately.  They have been on my mind constantly for the past few months.  With all the garden planning for this summer I have been taking the bees into serious consideration.  Beekeeping will test your patience.  Most will fail within their first year or two of owning a hive.  With the constant threat of predators and pests and the mystifying phenomenon of colony collapse disorder, most new beekeepers wont make it long enough to harvest their first jar of honey. 
That being said, beehives are an expensive hobby and I have been trying to gain as much knowledge as possible before diving into it.  I know that if I want to be successful, obtaining a hive or two is out of the question for this upcoming summer.   I also know that unless I want to starve the bees out of their winter stores, I won't be wanting to harvest honey in the first year. 
No, this spring and summer will be spent keeping an eye on the local flora.  Bees rely on the plants, and I need to have a keen understanding of which flowers bloom when and where they can be found.  Botany has interested me ever since I was young and over the past 15 years or so I have collected an impressive library of reference books.  Plants and bees have a symbiotic relationship, neither one surviving without the other, and to me it only makes sense that to love one you must love them both.
Nice little set up the neighbour has.
Ominous scull and crossbones had us turning around.
With the damp weather and my ever persistent sinus cold I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately.  I'll admit that I haven't gotten out as much as I would like too.  Yesterday, in lieu of snowshoeing, A. and I took the jeep out for a 4X4 in the snow.  It wasn't the refreshing get-out-into-nature that I have been craving but it kept me from going stir crazy inside the house.  The rest of the weekend has been spent curled up close to the fire place, giving me a good excuse to work with my journal and yarns. 
My baby booties are coming along nicely.  Although I am always happy to have a hook and yarn in my hands I get greater satisfaction from working with natural wools.  This chunky blend is worked up quickly in a warm and sturdy bootie.   With the recent announcement of her first pregnancy I have a good idea of which friend these booties will be going to.
I have been thinking a lot about my diet lately and how I would like to cut out some of the crap that I am accustomed to eating.  I don't really believe in supplementing your diet with protein powders and pills, to me these just seem like prepackaged convenience foods masquerading as health foods.  Personally, I would rather add foods to my diet that are high in the minerals, fats, and proteins that I lack.  Ever since trying my first bottle of  kombucha in San Diego last fall I've been obsessing over the drink.  The fermented tea is slightly fizzy and high in minerals and probiotics.  It tastes a bit like a cross between and alcoholic cider and (if you ferment it too long) vinegar.  I'm hooked and I have a continuous batch brewing in my pantry at all times. 
Aside from getting my daily dose of probiotics, I have discovered bee pollen again (surprise, surprise).  This little super food is extremely high in protein, vitamins, and folic acid.  I have been adding it to my oatmeal and smoothies throughout the day.  Not only is a great addition to the diet but its unbelievably gorgeous ranging in colours from soft yellows and oranges to sometimes pinks and green.  Seriously get in on this little gem. 
This week will be spent mulling over meals and which foods I would like to cut out of my diet.  I can express extreme self-control in the market but once a 'treat' comes home with my it becomes a free for all.   I need to do some serious planning to better manage my snacking and to keep my blood sugar even.  My diet plan tends to lean somewhere towards a raw-vegan and although I do tend to play around with these types of foods quite often, I really need to create a solid meal plan that will get me thought the work week.  I don't put label my diet but I do try and eat those foods that fuel my body and make me feel good. 
Due for a top up but check out that SCOBY!
Beautiful pollen granules.


  1. Tammy found accommodations up island with a sweet little apiary, here: She's arranged a visit for her birthday in April, and already the cottage's owner is worried about this season's honeybee population. So sad.


  2. Do you make those sweet booties in adult sizes? Well done!

    Honeybees have been struggling in the past few decades and some people think that besides a spreading mite infestation, the other culprit is cellphone microwaves. We have overloaded the airwaves and this interferes with them. Is there a solution? Probably not one that humans will embrace. But as it happens, without bees to pollinate our crops, we won't be able to grow food. Then again, maybe scientists will figure out a way to genetically modify crops so they don't need pollination. Cloning? Whatever the prospect, it seems dire.

    Meggie took me to Be Love Cafe just over a week away and while its sister cafe is more "raw", this one was delicious! I had a green bowl with brown rice topped with all kinds of green veggies sauteed in a green thai coconut curry (very mild) and then topped with green chunks of avocado and garnished with a superb all-seeds no-flour cracker. We also had hazelnut milk chai (they must have made their own hazelnut milk.) Meggie had a southwestern bowl with brown rice, beans, salsa, gaucamole and cashew cream instead of sour cream. I am going to make both versions at home. We were so impressed, nice, clean, filling, delicious food. I have been tinkering with OhSheGlows seed cracker recipes to duplicate the one I had... will keep you posted. I have too many flax seeds in my version and will try golden flax and more chia next time.