Monday, February 24, 2014

Apres Ski

 This guy knows what its all about.
 Feeding the horses just behind the house.
 Cold nights call for vegan chili with cashew 'sour cream'.
For someone who has claimed to have lost interest in alpine sports I sure have been spending a lot of time on the mountains lately.  The last couple weekends have been a blur of ski visits.  A and I have been planning a couple of ski trips for a while now and a few weeks ago we met up with a large group of our hometown friends and rented a condo in Whistler Village.  Although I had packed my board, skis and our loaned snowshoes, I regret that that I didn't hit the slopes once.  In my opinion, the mountain was much too busy and too tourist driven to justify a lift or trail pass.   The trip itself revolved more around visiting with old friends and enjoying the mini city that Whistler Village has become.  We took the opportunity to socialize in the local pubs and shop the variety of stores that we don't have access too in our small city. 
 The large lake, which my interior city is named after.

The drive to and from the coast was just as enjoyable as the trip itself, filled with scenic mountain passes and quirky roadside stops. A humoured me and stopped at a miniature western town so that I could snap a few shots. 
 Icicles clung to the cliff sides along the steep mountain pass.
 Large frozen waterfall.

 miniature building that only stand about 6 feet tall.

We arrived back home for a short work week then headed up to our local ski hill to spend the weekend with family.  Our city has an impressive ski resort with small village modeled after the European style.  The snow conditions were lovely and the hills were almost empty after the long weekend.  My aunt, who used to be a cross country ski instructor, took me out for a long ski up to a small lodge.  By the end of the trail I was exhausted and stiff.  The evening were spent enjoying good food, sipping wine and ending the night with a delicious chocolate raspberry port. 
Sunday morning when A and I packed up to head home, my aunt and uncle sent us off with some extra food for lunch and dinner and the remaining port which we sipped on all evening long. 
 Whistler trails full of cedar and pines.

After a busy weekend I am always happy to get back home and into routine. 


  1. Wonderful photos, sister! XO


  2. Stunning photos! You seem to have way too many fun adventures. V.