Monday, March 17, 2014

Mother Nature Does Not Lie

The last couple of weeks here  have been mild and the thaw has been coming at quick pace.  Its finally getting warm enough in the day to let the woodstove go out.  Mother Nature has been sending small clues that spring is around the bend.  Songbirds and chipmunks have been heard chirping in the woods.  The snowshoe hare has been coming into colour.  Red winged blackbirds, with their distinct call, have been seen perched upon the cattails. Tiny buds are appearing on branch tips.


I climbed the knoll behind the house where the wild ginger grows.  No signs of green shoots yet.  The wind was blowing and the crows were using it to their advantage, gliding on the gusts in long deliberate circles. 

No abundance of June berries yet.

Weekend afternoons are often lazy, crafting away at a project or spent in the kitchen, baking and cooking.   The promise of spring had me planting herbs and peas indoors, and sprouting beans and seeds for eating.  It is hard to satisfy the early need for growing when the weather hasn't caught up.

 Little dog, tired after a hike in the snow.
Pussy willows in milk glass - simple signs of spring brought indoors.

Vintage thrift runner that matches Grandma's rug perfectly.
Mung beans and broccoli seeds soaking.
A and I sat at the farm table constructing pyramids from coloured glass.  His experience is evident when compared to my crudely constructed tomb of Khufu.  Within our glass supplies I found some simple made boxes in vibrant colours.  Repaired and washed up they work well to hold my new seedlings.  It seems as though mid March cannot pass without the baking of soda bread.  I passed over my usual Irish recipe in favour of a sweeter loaf which bakes up in a pan.  This biscuit like bread smothered in butter and blackberry jam lends itself well to quiet mornings and strong coffee. 

What signs of spring have been happening in your area?


  1. So jelly of your pyramid-building!


  2. Next Christmas... am requesting a stained glass pyramid. So cool! Everything in your post is gorgeous and inspiring. I have always loved that rug of Grandma's. I am making an Irish soup today that I could not get to on Saint Patrick's Day because of the reno chaos. I mean to make soda bread with it too, for dinner tonight. Love all your comments about nature and wildlife and domestic comforts. XOXOXO, V.