Monday, June 16, 2014

Building a Balance

Views from the front deck.

Tomato and lemon balm so badly want to be planted.

The weather did not cooperate this weekend and I wasn't able to be as productive in the yard as I had intended.  Last week A completed a few of my raised garden beds.  My seedlings are in desperate need of transplanting and I've been forced to place veggies into pots here and there around the property.  On Saturday I was able to start screening out soil to put into my beds.  I plan on mixing this topsoil with other components from the nursery and compost from the city.  In the mean time I've been sifting away at the many piles of dirt scattered throughout our backyard. 
The yard is finally starting to take shape.  Some of my garden beds have been completed and areas for the out buildings have been levelled.  I knew it would be a big project but it seems to be taking much longer than anticipated.   With all the recent rain we have received the backyard has turned into a giant mucky mess and although its exciting to see all the progress, its a little overwhelming to have the entire back area looking so dishevelled.  Eventually we will lay the concrete pad for the woodshed and the chicken coop and run will be built.  Only then we will be able to think about laying down topsoil and seeding grass.  Until then, I suppose I will have to learn to live with the mess.

We built our garden beds in the back South corner of our property.  It is the largest area that gets the most daylight.   The garden has been benched with 3 raised beds on the lower tier and (for now) one on the higher tier.   A small fire ring sits between the garden and the hammock.  We would eventually like to add a picnic table to area.  The proposed area for my herb spiral lies directly under a massive pile of top soil.   The projects seem endless.

Mini projects - A modifies my birdhouse so that we may finally hang it.

The front yard has been left raw for now.  Arnica and dandelions are growing like crazy.   I poked around in the grass and located a good handful of wild raspberry bushes I plan to nurture.  In the fall the canes will be pruned and relocated into the back yard to be cultivated.  For now it seems easier to let mother nature do the work.
Yesterday there was a break in the weather and I managed to drag A and Little Dog out for a short walk.   The wild flowers are constantly changing and I was amazed to see the lady's slippers are almost finished.   Last year at this time we had just moved to the area.  Rent was extremely cheap and A encouraged me to take sometime away from working.   I was in the bush everyday, able to explore and marvel at beauty of nature.  This year I have had an amazing opportunity to work in a holistic healthcare office but my days are extremely long and I feel like the seasons are passing by without really getting a chance to enjoy them.  I leave for town first thing in the morning an I often don't get home until well after 7PM.  Its seems like all I do is work, make dinner, and go to bed.  I feel cheated when I work in town all week long and the weekend weather forces me to stay inside.  It's hard to find a balance between our personal lives and our work lives.  I with our yard was completed already so that I may reap the benefits of it. 

Wild roses are coming up everywhere.  The scent is intoxicating. 

Wild Orchards - Lady's Slippers line the trail.

Tiger Lily


This beauty was a new one for me: striped coral root.


  1. Ah, yes. The work-life balance. But to be able to live in such a wonderful idyll is a sweet exchange for the commute into town.

    Such a transformation since we last saw the yard! The garden beds look awesome, and for the record I still think you should use pallets to build the chicken coop. Just saying.

    " I managed to drag A and Little Dog out for a short walk." I think this sentence should more appropriately read as "...short Dog out for a little walk", hehehe!


  2. It probably does seem a huge undertaking, but it looks like you have made huge progress. I agree that the summer, technically not even beginning until June 21st, seems to be flying. Looks awesome! XO, V.