Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Wrap Up

Did you know that I am in love with mixing bowls?   I'm sure I have at least 5 or 6 sets.  My favorites are these vintage Pyrex sets.  I thrifted the green cinderella set in New West a few years ago.  If I remember correctly, I paid a steep price for it.  It seems fair to me as the finish is in mint condition.   The yellow set I have put together from different locations.  I used my mixing bowls last week to whip up a birthday cake for A.   This was my first time making hummingbird cake and the results were delicious. 
Fruit and nut hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting.
Speaking of hummingbirds, I finally got my feeder up on the deck.   I bought the vintage cast iron owl hanger at community garage sale shortly after moving here.  Its located on the post above our bear beer bottle opener.  
I refuse to buy that red syrup marketed for hummingbird feeders.  Instead, I make my own simple syrup of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water - no red food dye added.  Make sure to allow your syrup to cool completely before filling.  The feeder has been seeing a lot of action and I am tempted to buy a second in a similar style.

 We received a few short showers over the week and this last one produced the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen.   Each separate colour was clearly visible and the end of the arc appeared to be so close that I was tempted to start looking for gold.

Double Rainbows
I made a point of collecting wild flowers from the property to place in vases.  These guys sit in one of the cobalt blue glass bottles A dug out of the ground a few months ago.  I love the way the bright orange paintbrush contrasts against the bottle.  Of course, the Montana cornflowers are the showstoppers.  Unfortunately, these only bloomed for a short while along the driveway.

Work has been continuing in the yard.  With the help of A's parents we cleared the hillside to the left of the house and seeded it with grass.  I topped the hill with a small patch of rhubarb and we are trying to decide on where to plant a couple of small apricot trees we acquired.
Although my garden is slow to come along I have subscribed to a weekly CSA box of produce.  Tonight's dinner will include local kale, carrots, and baby potatoes.  It`s the simple things that make me happy.