Saturday, August 9, 2014


I've talked about my love of thrift before and one of my favourite things to hunt for are vintage kitchen items.   Last week, after a hectic week of running the office solo, I stopped in at one of the larger thrift shops in town.   I was able to score a couple of Le Parfait canisters to add to my collection in the pantry and stoneware pottery container stamped from the mid 70s, which currently houses my dishwasher tabs besides the sink.  I love the earthy design on the lid, it reminds me of a full moon behind the hills.    My best find, of course, must be the old cast iron skillet I picked up for a song.   I've had my eye out for a good quality cast iron pan for quite a long time now.   I was hoping to snag an old griswold (still kicking myself for not buying a griswold cast iron muffin tin that was terribly over priced at Value Village) but my General Steel Wares is a decent make too.  GSW is a Canadian company based out of Ontario that stopped producing in the 1950s.    I gave my pan a one time wash with soap a recoated it with oil to maintain its seasoning.    The inside is silky smooth and amazingly non stick.   From breakfast to dinner, it seems like I've been using it non stop since I've bought it.

Assorted rice and sprouting seeds.  These canisters make it easy to spot my goods in the pantry. 

Blue and brown designs reminiscent of the moon. 

Skillet cornbread with dandelion jelly to top.

I can already tell this baby is going to be a major workhorse in my kitchen.

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