Sunday, September 21, 2014


It seems like it has been forever since we've had the chance to get out for a good hike.   This afternoon A, Little dog, and I drove a ways into the bush with the intention of climbing Rockface Mountain.  
With only a vague idea of where the trail might start, we parked the jeep and headed up the dry hill side.  Just off the trail we spotted this large mule doe.  The wind must have been in our favour because we were able to trail her a short distance before she sensed us.   She fled into the trees followed by two other large does. 
The trail itself was hard to navigate.  Slightly overgrown and only marked in a few spots by faded pieces of ribbon we fumbled our way up the hillside.  The path was steep dusty and littered with shale.  I found myself reaching for branches and grasping at tuffs of bunchgrass to pull myself up the mountain.   I half joked to A that it would be the perfect hike for our pack goat once we get her.

My small lakeside community in the distance.
The views from the top were pretty amazing and we wished we had packed a small lunch with us.  Although the sun was still quite hot it was obvious that fall is right around the corner.   The dry hill side was spotted with orange and yellow and smelled sweetly of tinder dry pine needles and grasses. 


Little dog was exhausted at the top and mostly 'skied' her way down the steep trail on our way home.

Tiny birds nest I was tempted to bring home with me. 

Grouse that narrowly escaped being dinner for a young boy and his father.
What signs of fall are happening in your part of the world?