Sunday, January 25, 2015

The New Year

Handmade gift for a friend's new baby boy.
Suddenly, as if without warning, January is almost over.   The seasonal holidays have come and gone in such a blur and I have had neither energy nor the creativity to write here.    The Christmas holidays crept up, as they usually do, and arrived before I knew it.  A and I were able to secure a few weeks off  work for a whirl wind trip to the coast to see family and friends.   Although I was much looking forward to our trip, the chaotic hustle of travel and environmental allergens of different homes and pets left me with a terrible sinus cold that I am still feeling the effects of to date.
Visiting the Marina where I wanted to purchase a locally made fisherman's sweater.

The holidays are always kept low-key. Gifts are generally tokens, hand made or consumable, allowing the emphasis to be placed on visiting rather than consumer goods.  We were able to spend a lot of time catching up, which is what the holidays are really all about.  when the rain broke, A and I were able to sneak away to one of my favourite places on the coast, a small salt marsh that houses one of the largest wild crab apple trees I have ever seen.  With the salmon run finished not too long ago, the area was covered in eagles feasting on the decaying fish.   The marsh is always a haven for wildlife and I'm never quite sure what I'm going to see when I venture there.  
A's childhood home, tucked inside a dense forest of cedars.

In Victoria, my family humoured me while I shopped for necessity items not found in our small city.  After the terrible hustle of the big box stores they took me to the various metaphysical shops in the area and we stopped in at a small gemstone store near my sister's condo. My only purchase was a palm sized piece of labradorite stone that glimmers with different colours when you hold it to the light.  A, who has always been fascinated with geodes, tolerated my indulgent buy.  

Back home we were greeted with a cold snap.  Our first morning back I awoke to -39 and a thick layer of ice on the inside of the windows.  The heated aquarium had evaporated quite a bit while we were gone and the moisture of which hung thich in the air.  It took a roaring woodstove and days to get the house warm again.
The remainder of the holidays was spent enjoying time off.   Afternoons were lazy, curled up in front of the wood stove with a book or wool in hand.   The new year always stirs a change in me and although I'm not one to put focus on resolutions, I do always adopt a theme for the upcoming year.  Last year's theme had me focused on creating - food from scratch, plants from the garden, clothing from wool.  This year's theme revolves around nurturing - whether that's tending to myself, my family, or the things around me.   I feel a shift coming and I am certain that I am ready for a new chapter in life.   I have opened myself up to the opportunity of new things to come my way.  
Salmon stream that runs through the marsh.  A startled eagle came off the riverbank, so close I could almost touch it.  He broke several branches off the trees before finally finding the open sky.

In my next life, this will be where my home is.

The boys, not interested in shopping, visited the local miniature exhibit.

What focus does the new year hold for you?

Back home with little dog almost fully recovered.