Sunday, February 15, 2015

Springtime is Around The Corner

I hate the cheesy commercialism of Valentines Day, the cartoon red and pink hearts, the overpriced chocolates, and the cheaply made stuffed toys.  A and I have never been big into celebrating the Hallmark holiday.  Instead, we often grab a reasonably priced bottle of wine from the liquor store and enjoy each other's company at home.  Each year A makes me an amazing vegetarian lasagna from scratch and this year we enjoyed it with a cold glass of homemade apple cider from October.  Afterwards,  we curled up in the loft and watch the mid season premier of The Walking Dead.  It was perfect.  

Mother Nature seems to have given up on winter and the last month or so has been extremely mild.  Most of the snow in the area has melted back the lilac and rosebushes are swelling with large buds.
The mild temperatures have given a head start on the work we want to do around the property.  This year we plan to build a large woodshed and fully fence out lot to keep little dog in and the aggressive neighbourhood dogs out.  It will also be nice to let our hens out to free range once in awhile.  

The weather has been so mild lately that I fear I have left it too late to cold sow my spring seedlings.  I spent the afternoon planting seeds into compostable peat pots and placing them into their mini greenhouses.   The idea is that the seeds will lay dormant until weather warms considerably.  The seeds will emerge from the soil as nature intended, reducing the need to harden them off.  Not completely convinced of the idea and afraid of losing my seedlings to late frost, I've planted only a modest amount of cold weather crops.  I suspect that in a few weeks time I'll be planting seedlings in the traditional method but this has given me an opportunity to get my hands in some soil and perhaps a head start on some springtime veggies.


The mild weather is almost too warm for wool sweaters and mitts.
Our chicken coop is nearly completed at this point.   The heat lamp has been hung and the PVC pipe waterer and feeder have been installed.  Bedding has been laid and the enclosed run has been fitted with multiple perches and even includes a swing for the ladies.   At this point we are ready for hens.  We have been busy phoning around and putting out feelers for sellers.  Hopefully by next weekend we have some birds lined up.
DIY swing and ladder A made for our future girls.

A few weeks ago my sister surprised me with a small package in the mail.  Inside was set of chakra dream catchers she had made for me.  Included with the colourful chakra catcher was another small dream catcher made from wool, leather and fitted with a blue glass bead.  The chakra catchers were inspired from a Pinterest post I had showed to her ages ago and hers turned out lovelier than the originals. 
I'm waiting to find the perfect spot to hang these beauties so that I can admire them.