Sunday, March 1, 2015

A New Lady In Our Life

The past couple of weeks have been really productive around here.  I managed to do a giant spring clean on the house, purging out our two attic spaces and reorganizing the basement pantry.  I plan to do a lot of canning and preserving this summer so extra shelving and storage space will be needed. 
Last weekend A and I were able to drive the jeep up into the meadow.  The road along the way was icy and snowy but the meadows themselves bask in the sunshine.  Little shoots of greenery were coming up and the buttercups were abundant.  Its really the only place that we feel comfortable letting Little Dog run off leash.  The wide open space makes it impossible for her to escape and allows us to easily spot predators.

This past Saturday I lined up a meeting to pick up a young laying hen for our coop.  The hen was located in a small community about an hour away from us.  She was far away, over priced, and in rough shape but she is an Ameraucana and that means she lays the most beautiful bright blue eggs. 
Its It has been almost two years since we had been out to that community so I was looking forward to the drive.  The skies were blue, the sun was warm and signs of spring were all around us.  Small areas of the roadside were paralleled with antique power lines.  The glass insulators shone blue, green, purple and brown in the sunlight. If I could have reached those insulators I would have taken some home.


When we finally got our new lady home the first thing she did was inspect her coop.  We have a small corner perch, ladder perch and a hanging chicken swing to amuse her.  She ignored all the perches and immediately tried out her swing.

A beautifully clean coop.

Notorious chicken butt fluff. 

Our new little hen has been pretty roughed up from the roosters she was housed with.  Her beautiful green and black feathers have been rubbed bare from too much love.  I'm excited to get her under a good diet and have her feather grow back in glossy and rich.

Hilarious dinosaur feet.
The first day we had her our little lady surprised us with the most perfect baby blue.   It feels so satisfying to finally have our vision come to fruition.  We have another 2-3 brown egg layers on order which will be here in a couple of month.  In the mean time I am actively looking for other interesting layers to add to our home.

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