Friday, January 29, 2016


I've sat down at the computer multiple times over the past few trying to formulate this post.  It's hard for me to comprehend that a year has almost passed without me blogging.  To be honest, it's almost been a year since I've last picked up my camera.
A lot has changed over the past year, and yet, a lot has stayed the same.  I'm still enamoured with our little country home.  The yard and took on a transformation with the building of a large woodshed and fencing the backyard.  Its so nice now to be able to let Little Dog out the back door without having to worry about her escaping.  We also built a large privacy fence between us and our closest neighbour which in truth, was the best thing ever.  Summer are mainly spent outside and I can now be in my backyard without feeling like I'm on display to nosey neighbours.  It's also been a treat to be able to let our hens out to free range during the day.  The girls love to hunt bugs and dig up the garden and their eggs are so much better for it.  Late summer we purchased two new young hens, a large Easter Egger who should give us olive coloured eggs and a small silkie cross who will produce miniature eggs.  Neither hen had started laying when we acquired them and as the weather turned cold every hen but Fennel stopped laying all together.  Now that the days are getting longer, I'm looking forward to having a full egg basket again.
Last year's garden flopped which I attribute to the strange spring weather and the fact that being in my 1st trimester during seedling season left me with little desire or energy to plant anything.  In hindsight, it was probably a good thing as by the end of the work day I had no energy to tend to the garden or process a harvest.  I did have a lovely crop of potatoes and carrots last year but the hens ate most of my lettuce and brassicas.  We planted three small blueberry bushes (which the hens figured out grow delicious berries) and 2 raspberry canes. This year we plan on fencing off my garden area to keep the cheeky birds out.
Overdue and eager to meet darling daughter.

Last spring I took an intensive beekeeping course.  I had ultimately planned to get bees in the summer but hadn't thought it through when we decided to start a family.  I would be heavily pregnant during honey harvest and Adriel, who swears he's allergic to stings, wants nothing to do with the hives.  Mind you, he's made it quite clear that he will happily enjoy the honey.   Bees are on the agenda for this year and I've already purchased some equipment and lined up hive.  The bees should arrive late April, once the snow has fully melted.

The most significant event of the past year was the arrival of Farrah.  It was around October of the previous year that I had firmly decided I wanted to start a family.  It was about 3 months later that I finally convinced A.  We were lucky enough to secure a midwife for the pregnancy which gave me the option for a homebirth.  I remember watching a documentary about 15 years ago on water births, well before birthing pools were considered mainstream.  I was fascinated with the idea and knew that it was something I wanted to seriously consider for my births.  Again, it took a little coaxing to get A on board with the idea of our homebirth, especially since we live so far out of town, but eventually he agreed.  Ultimately he knew that I would be most comfortable at home, which would make him and baby comfortable too. 

I am now a huge advocate of birthing pools.  The comfort of the water made endless hours of back labour bearable.

We welcomed the arrival of Farrah November 21st at 6:46PM.